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Take a look at the amazing before and after photos done by our industry-leading experts to see how natural the results are for our patients!


At AeLeeMD Laser Center, we offer tailored lip augmentation treatments using the latest FDA-Approved dermal fillers. Our skilled practitioners ensure precise and personalized results, enhancing the natural beauty of your lips with minimal discomfort and downtime.

PiQo4 Laser for Pigmentations

AeLeeMD Laser Center is the certified provider of Lumenis PiQo4 Laser. We uses the advanced laser to effectively treat pigmentation issues, including sun spots, age spots, freckles, and melasma. Our experienced team ensures a safe and comfortable experience, helping you achieve clearer, more even-toned skin.


Acne Treatment

At AeLeeMD Laser Center, we offer comprehensive acne treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique skin condition. Our approach includes advanced laser treatments, customized skincare regimens, and professional guidance to help you achieve clear, healthy skin.


Thermage FLX & Ultherapy

AeLeeMD Laser Center in Boston provides state-of-the-art Thermage and Ultherapy treatments as safe and effective alternatives to surgical facelifts. Our experienced practitioners ensure optimal results, helping you achieve a youthful and rejuvenated appearance without surgery.

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